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Rely Media has more than 400 different USB models, which can be customized and due to the fact that we have our very own production facilities, in addition to being able to offer a fast turnaround time, the prices of our personalized USB flash drives are, by far the lowest in the industry. With so many people using up to three or four computers a day, a USB flash drive offers total flexibility and gives the computer user the chance to transfer data and information effortlessly from one computer to another. A wise company will take advantage of this, and create a personalized USB flash drive, which is branded to show the company name or logo. Rely Media has a huge range of USB flash drives in varying colors and styles and in varying packaging styles. In terms of quality, all of our USB flash drives are made using the best quality components include grade a flash cards.

Once an order has been received for a personalized USB, we offer the guarantee of same day or 2-day service, depending on the size of the order. More than simply being able to offer a personalized USB flash drive, Rely Media's data services will make certain that auto run script creation, password protection, and serialization and secure partitions are performed on each of the personalized USB flash drives. Since we are a full service promotional company, Rely Media offers the personalization or branding of MP4 players, MP3 players, USB Pens, hubs and other devices, as well as memory sticks and cards.

To receive a quotation for a personalized USB flash drive, simply visit the Rely Media website,, and complete the online custom quotation form featured on our website and within minutes, the online user will receive a custom quotation for their personalized USB flash drives. The types of USB flash drives which can be used to create a personalized USB, include the USB animal series, a rubber USB, the classic USB as well as specially designed USBs. The specialty USB flash drives are certainly the most eye-catching and as such, the personalized USB created by our company will maximize your company's brand. We offer hearts, guitars, animals, footballs and motorcars and for the personalized USB flash drive which stands out from all others, the golf ball and watch USB flash drives.

In order to view our entire range of more than 400 personalized USB flash drive choices,, feel free to browse the Rely Media website. In addition to the personalized USB services, Rely Media is more than capable of handling the branding or personalizing of other promotional items, such as t-shirts, CDs and DVDs, digital photo frames, writing instruments, and we also offer custom printing and business forms. Rely Media is committed to offering its clients the best level of customer service, as well as the assurance that all promotional products supplied will be of the best quality. Our aim is to offer a business the products needed, like the personalized USB that will build the brand and create brand awareness.

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