Custom USB Drives Offer Great Branding Potential

No matter how you use your custom USB drives the right design of USB drive can offer some great branding potential for your company. Custom molding of USB drives is all the rage now, but in the retail sector as well as for those that are using their USB drives for advertising or for promotional materials. USB drives are a high use item as well as one that is likely to catch a lot of attention when it is used around town.

Custom USB Drives Have Multiple Uses

Whether you choose to give your custom USB drives to customers as gifts, use them to gift your employees or load them with promotional materials your USB drives are going to exposure and get noticed by more than just those using them. Bright colors, custom designs and large noticeable logos will go a lot way to getting the attention you are after for your USB drives.

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The Custom USB is One of the Hottest Gift Options Out There

If you look around at your customers and staff one of the things you will notice these days is that all of them are up to date with technology. Most of them will have cell phones, more of them with have laptops or computers and several will also have the new generation of tablet devices. This means that your customers and staff are going to greatly appreciate a custom USB as a gift.

The Custom USB is a Great Gift that Offers Excellent Returns

A custom USB is likely to go as many places as a laptop or smart phone and because of that the exposure it is likely to get will offer you a good return for the money invested. You will generate loyal customers and employees and get your name out to the public all in one tiny little device.

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Buy Bulk USB Drives for Your Tradeshow Giveaways

Tradeshows offer companies a chance to get their new products and innovations out in front of their prospective customers. Tradeshows are also an opportunity to show your customers what you are all about and to give them a reason to choose your company for all of their business. When choosing a tradeshow giveaway it is important to keep in mind not just your target audience but also any message that you are trying to send home with them. Bulk USB drives appeal to a wide range of audiences and gives you the perfect opportunity to show your customers who you are.

Bulk USB drives offer Multiple Opportunities

Whether you want to show your customer that you care about the environment by showcasing your use of environmentally friendly products in your company or you want to send them home with promotional materials they will keep and read, bulk USB drives can offer you the ability to do both.

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Order Bulk Flash Drives For All Your Corporate Gifts

If you are tired of giving away worthless gifts that just get tossed on a shelf or thrown away, why not give something that you know will be appreciated and get used. Bulk Flash drives allow you to purchase flash drives at a very affordable price and use them as gifts for all of your corporate gifting needs. You can gift these drives to your employees who will appreciate these useful tools in their day to day work or at home, and your customers will appreciate the added value that is meant to thank them for their loyalty.

Bulk Flash Drives Are More Affordable Than You Think

It is easy to think that a flash drive is an expensive gift, but these little flash drives in bulk are much more affordable than you might think. You can have your company name and contact information printed on them as well, to offer some added value for advertising.

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Personalized USB Drives Can Made into Just About Any Shape You Want


Personalized USB drives can be a great corporate gift for your employees, make the perfect way to distribute promotional materials and can be an effective promotional item for your customers. With all of that in mind, many companies still balk at the price of USB drives, even in bulk, that is until they understand their ability to personalize their USB drives into any shape they want and what it can mean for their branding efforts.

Personalized USB Drives Accomplish One Important Goal

Any time that you can get your customers to take notice of something that have your company name on it, is the time that you can make huge strides in terms of branding your company name. Something as simple as a personalized USB drive in a unique design can be the thing that will catch the fancy of potential customers and encourage them to remember your name when they need your products or services.

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Marketing with Custom Flash Drives Does Make Sense

One of the biggest concerns that most companies have about the use of custom flash drives in their promotions is the potential high costs of the flash drives. While it is true that a flash drive is likely to cost more than giving away a pen or calendar, it is not the initial cost of the promotional item that you should be looking at but the ROI or return on your investment. Flash drives have a high potential for a high return on your investment.

Custom Flash Drives Will Create Loyal Customers

Our new world is one where digital transfer of everything from documents to music to video is the way we will be doing things. While paper may never completely go away it will cease to be the resource it has been in the past and digital media will take over. Custom Flash drives offer your customers something of value that they can use, and offer you the exposure and advertising your business needs.

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Make your Promotional Materials Pop with Flash Drives

For years the only way to distributed promotional materials was through printed materials, then VCRs, CDs and DVDs allowing companies to send movies, but the process was often big and bulky and depending on the customer having access to the right type of electronics to watch them. Now Flash drives that will fit into a variety of electronics on the market are the media of choice for distributing materials.

Flash Drives are Easy and Affordable to Use

It is easy to preload data onto your flash drives for distribution and Rely Media we will do this for you. Bulk flash drives are affordable and can be custom molded and printed with your information to help you with advertising and branding efforts. You can put just videos on your flash drive or you can add in your catalogs and other materials you have to send to your customers.

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Give Your Clients One of Our USB Flash Drives

Although, as you are well aware of, there are many different types of promotional items you can give away to your clients, there are very few that you can truly personalize. Among the fastest selling promotional gifts on the market are personalized USB flash drives. These drives have become one of the hottest items in the promotional world for a number of reasons.

Personalized USB Flash Drives Have an Infinite Number of Uses

Not only will your clients enjoy having their own personalized USB flash drive, but you can have us preload it with your latest sales catalogs or perhaps an owner’s manual for the product that have just purchased. These USB drives come in a wide range of sizes from 128 MB to 32 GB. We can preload it with your data and add protection so that it cannot be erased or leave it open for erasure so that your customers can get the most out their new flash drive.


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Put Your Advertising on a Pen Drive

Giving away pens is a tradition, many companies offer them every year with their company information printed on them as a way to say thank you to their customers as well as to add a bit of advertising. This year you can give away the same pen with a bit of a twist, you can offer your customers a pen drive that can have the same advertising on it, but also contain a USB drive inside of it with some of your promotional materials inside.

A Pen Drive Can Offer you More Impact

You won’t get a promotional video on a traditional pen, nor can you print your brochure on the side for your customer to take with him, but a pen drive can allow you to send both of these home with your customer without him even knowing they are there. Have your materials pre-loaded to the pen drives you are planning to give away and maximize your advertising potential.

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Custom USB Flash Drives Can Really Grab Your Customer’s Attention

As a business owner you are already more that aware that there are a number of products that you can use to grab the attention of your customers and keep your company name in the front of their minds. For many decades it has been promotional pens, notepads and various other giveaway items. Today there is a better way to reach your clients, these are custom USB flash drives and they are far more useful that a cheap pen.

You Customers Will Love a Custom USB Flash Drive

Your clients will definitely appreciate custom USB flash drives from the selection in our online catalog as they can be used for a huge number of tasks. For work, they can be used to carry their files to and from work or as a way for your sales team to take their latest catalog on the road with them. One of the best things about flash drives is that you can have them custom designed to represent your business logo and have you name and contact information imprinted on them.



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